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SignalFrog covers all active major US sports in which there are deep pools of betting liquidity. Those sports include Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), College Football (NCAAFB), National Basketball League (NBA), College Basketball (NCAABB), National Hockey League (NHL), and world soccer leagues.
The process we take before releasing a pick to our clients is intense! We found through trial and error and with real money at stake that the only way to consistently beat the bookmakers is to create a process that scores different variables. These variables are constantly changing which requires us to create the equivalent of heat maps.
Simple. That is the one word to describe our approach to crafting a robust membership for our customers. We are going to leave the gold VIP, ten thousand star, lock clubs, and all the other gimmicks to the other services. We are only concerned with giving our members the best information daily. Whether you are playing ten grand a game or ten dollars, we give everybody the same information and courtesy.


 One flat $14.99 monthly fee gets you all the active US sports or soccer.

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As part of our commitment to make this a simple and rewarding experience, our members enjoy access to all original content, blogs, articles, and daily best picks for all active sports for just one monthly price.

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Why SignalFrog?

The sports handicapping market is crowded, complicated, and sometimes a bit murky. SignalFrog is your one-stop shop for profitable sports information at a price that all players, both big and small, can safely and confidently enjoy.

Our extensive 7-step process of finding the best avail able daily bet means that we have taken the guesswork and grunt work out of picking on your own or by relying on a handicapper that cannot analyze the betting options available each day. By limiting our focus to a single best bet each day, our customers have the confidence that this pick has scored out to have the highest probability for success and thereby eliminates over-betting and chasing.

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The SignalFrog Process

Every daily pick goes through our 7-step process before we jump on it. Here is a look at each step.

 What’s the public thinking? How much of that perception is baked into the line? What are the inflows of money? Simply bucking the public is no longer a winning strategy!

Computational models have a relationship with one another and those relationships are constantly evolving. We are constantly engineering models that examine the influence of evolving behaviors, situations, and even weather!

Simulations are an important tool used to play out different scenarios over a wide sampling of games. Using historical information across personal make-up we run these simulations for our predictive analysis.

Number crunching time. Averages are important to scrutinize but so are margins of winning and losing. We run a dizzying making of numbers to find those hidden gems for you!

AI is cutting edge stuff. We can no longer ignore the benefits of machine learning. Computers can process faster and more efficient than we as humans could ever dream of. AI is a filtering tool we use to weed out the best bets of the day.

The line tells a story. Open, high, close, and previous day’s info. But we are not just concerned with today’s line and where we think it should be. We want to look at the price movements on a particular team in the specific situation. Is this team worth that price? Have they ever covered by that many points or is this a bookmaker trick? Soft 3 or hard 3?

This is what we have when we take the the pick that scores the highest among all the categories. This is the culmination of all the blood, sweat, and tears. This is our daily diamond for each active sport.

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